Do you know how jealous the moon is of a river ?

You meet every kind of sea

I am just for name sake, free

You are friends with every tree

I am just a little part of a scenery.

All you have to do is, flow

I have to grow or go

You are peace to many

I am just for show.

There is still night

Without my light

But no life

Without your sight

Do you know who is the moon here ? its you. You are the moon for yourself as you don’t even realize how special you are because you only see yourself in that river and it only shows you what it’s capable of showing you and not what you actually are. you don’t know your own light yet you are envious of other’s might. Moon is able to see all the good things about river And moon don’t even realize how much significant his existence is And how grand and important he himself is.

You are that river too. You are the moon for yourself and a river for someone else. All the good things about you are like your back you are unable too see it but others see it all the time.

‘ how to fall back to the moon where I belong ?’