what if I just run away
will I get tired of that too?
what if I stop
will that make things good?

‘ I am not angry’, this is what we say to someone who is asking us to not be angry and in that moment you are not just angry you are a liar too. Why don’t we accept that we are very angry and because of the fact that we don’t accept we are angry, we have no control over an emotion that we are denying to acknowledge.

Is anger just a single emotion or accumulation of a…

Hello, welcome to the adult world,

I earn my money and I have my fun

I know just how

But I don’t want now

I know it in my head

But I can’t pronounce

I have my wheels

But I lost my feels

You don’t wanna be seen

What do you mean?

I still love the sky,

But I can’t stop lying,

I own things that’s fly

but they don’t make me smile

I got all the rights

But got no time

I can board any flight

now I’m scared of heights

Darkness don’t scare me

A room full of lights do

Teeth don’t bite me

Those staring eyes do

Now I can grow my hair longer

Also I have to look stronger

All these thoughts just hover

How long till it’s over?

I learned to let go,

hoping to grow.

End is the fate of all,

Whom should I do it for?

What does it mean to be an adult? What is ageing? What does growing up mean. Growing up is losing emotions, feeling less of everything. Feel less happy, feeling less sad, feeling less Pain, feeling less satisfied that is what growing up mean.

While growing up we are constantly losing something. Something that makes us, Us. We are troubled not because of things we lost. We are troubled because of possibilities. …

If you ever change your mind, don’t hold your breath.

Have you ever wondered, what’s wrong with us ? Why is no one happy ? poor people , rich people , famous people , talented people , hardworking people, all are sad. Why is no one happy with the way things happened for them ? why even after achieving so much and after struggling so much in our life, we are still at that initial state, where we started. we are still longing for something else and something more.

Maybe it’s all because of our ability to adapt or our…

somewhere between the trees
green, yellow and some fallen leaves
somewhere that I saw in my dreams
where living is free

somewhere with lot of stars
a place that gives me little less of scars
somewhere around here
or maybe on mars

somewhere where people don’t leave
where I can be me
a place with sound of flowing water
a room where my head is less hotter

mountainside with lot of flowers
where I can sit for longer hours
land filled with greener grass
that makes me feel like time is ours

where living is less of a fight
being lost is alright
where sea is loud
and soul is free

a place with more falling snow
than falling tears
somewhere with less to keep
and more to see

Where do you wanna go?

Have you ever wondered which is more prominent: our ability of reasoning or our natural desires. How do we have control over some of our desires but no command over others ?

Our desires, if not all the time but most of the time are not completely beneficial for us that’s why they are called ‘desire’ and not ‘need’. …

When I was a young tree
I was full of fruits
I was a sight of bliss and green
my leaves used to play those flutes

They surrounded me everyday
as if they were in my care
they held to me in every way
as if they were here to stay

When I was a young tree
life was so easy
I had so much to offer
maybe that’s why they grew me

Do you know how jealous the moon is of a river ?

You meet every kind of sea

I am just for name sake, free

You are friends with every tree

I am just a little part of a scenery.

All you have to do is, flow

I have to grow or go

You are peace to many

I am just for show.

There is still night

Without my light

But no life

Without your sight

Do you know who is the moon here ? its you. You are the moon for yourself as you don’t even realize how special…

no one have it the way they say

don’t take to heart and break it

worries will always stay and sway

life is what you make of it

‘ There once lived a goat who had a golden watch always hanging around his neck. It looked heavy and it’s hands had stopped working. One day as the goat was walking around wearing that watch around his neck, his friend ‘rabbit’ asked him doesn’t it get uncomfortable ? that watch looks heavy and it’s hands doesn’t work. The goat said it’s alright and am kind of used to it now. This…

I can show you the garden

But won’t look at my own flowers

I can take you to the far end

But won’t stay with me even for an hour .

Self-love is a popular term today. We hear celebrities talking about it, we hear influencers talking about it and we also hear our friends talking about it. But what exactly is self love ? is it just loving oneself or pampering oneself like we love and care for someone else or is it more than that?

So recently I had this conversation with my friend and I was told…

wabi sabi

‘ how to fall back to the moon where I belong ?’

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